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PresentSmart for iPad

New and improved

ipad horiztontal

PresentSmart for iPad has been updated to take advantage of the latest communication technology as well as the newest features in DesignSmart. PresentSmart allows a designer to show a client all of the items being proposed for the project so the client can indicate which items she likes and which ones she will decline. PresentSmart was developed with residential designers in mind, but it could be used by other types of design firms.

Key features: 

  1. Item details and images are loaded into the iPad prior to the presentation so there is no need for a wireless connection at the time of the presentation. This eliminates the stress of having a slow connection or having to ask for the client's network password.
  2. The client can be shown a mid-range and high-end version of the same item so she can select which one she wants.
  3. At the end of the presentation, the client can sign for the items she has selected.
  4. PresentSmart will update DesignSmart with the results of the presentation.

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Hey WOO. Yes, I'm talking to WOO!

WOO Commerce is a software module used to create online retail stores mostly for non-retail websites. For example, if an interior design firm has a website promoting its services, and it also sells a few products online, then chances are good it uses WOO Commerce to sell the online items. It is used on thousands, if not millions, of websites because it is versatile and affordable. You've probably made many purchases on sites using WOO Commerce. 

Recently a DesignSmart client who has thousands of products in DesignSmart decided to offer these products for sell on their website which uses WOO Commerce. One option was for the staff to manually key into WOO all the product information that is in DesignSmart. This would take days of work and be prone to typos. And anytime a new product was added to DesignSmart, it would have to be added again in WOO. Or if a price changed it would have to be updated in both DesignSmart and WOO. You get the picture: days of manual data entry with a high probability of WOO not having the correct information.

The solution to this nightmare was for the programmers at The Smart Designer to develop the code to electronically transfer all the products in DesignSmart directly into WOO Commerce. No dual entry, no delays, and no chance of WOO not having the most up-to-date and accurate data from DesignSmart. 

If your firm sells products both via your design projects and via your online store, and you'd like to be more efficient in the way you keep everything in sync, then give us a call. We'd like to talk with woo. 




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Gantt Charts

Show your progress to clients!

DesignSmart Project StatusGantt charts are one of those things that most of us have heard of before, but if asked we'd be hard pressed to explain what it is.  Then when we see one, we have one of those, "Aha. That is what I thought it was" moments.

The easiest way to describe a Gantt is that it allows you to list all the tasks in a project and their duration. Then you can indicate which tasks are dependent on others. For example, the painting has to be completed before the wallpaper hanging can start. The end result is an effective graphic that helps one better understand the scope of a project.

For many people, one powerful feature of a Gantt is that if a task takes longer than planned, when you update i's new end date, any tasks that are linked to that task are automatically pushed out as well. 

You can enter the tasks in DesignSmart or online directly into the Gantt chart. You can set up user definable fields of information to be included on the Gantt. Once you have all the tasks and their dates entered, you can share with a web link with your client so they can view the Gantt chart as well. Clients can save the Gantt as a PDF, PNG, JPG or export to Excel.

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WebSmart - New and Improved!

Give your clients internet access to your design concepts

We are excited to release a new version of WebSmart. This add-on module allows your clients to use a web browser to:

  1. View images of your design concepts for their project(s)
  2. Post comments and questions
  3. Approve items for purchase

A lot of work has gone into making WebSmart so simple to use that many of your clients will be able to use it with no training. To see it for yourself, give us a call so we can walk you through it! 

Check out the new WebSmart video in the "Videos" section of this site.


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Announcing - SmartEmail!

Access all staff email in DesignSmart

For years principals have requested that they and their staff be able to view all email that their staff sends and receives in the Communications log in DesignSmart. We are very excited to announce that starting next month a new add-on module called SmartEmail will make this possible!

Regardless if you use Outlook, Gmail or another email service, this add-on will pull all relevant email that is sent to or received by your staff into DesignSmart. The key word here is "relevant" so here are the "out of the box" guidelines: 

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