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SmartInventory Update

New and improved

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Few design firms have their own warehouses or need to track inventory, but those that do can now take advantage of new features in our SmartInventory module. Below is a partial list of the new improvements:

  1. Works with, or independently of, QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Module
  2. Allows users to design their own bar code labels
  3. Tracks inventory movements within warehouses
  4. Incorporates iPads, iPod Touch and iPhones for easy to view inventory movements
  5. Allows delivery staff to capture the signature of the person receiving the delivery and automatically stores and emails the signature in real time. 
  6. Ability to track inventory by project and/or by the floor of a project

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Reflections on Commissions

Not for the faint hearted

Lately our firm has been developing customized versions of our SmartCommissions module for firms that have commissioned sales reps, and it has been interesting to learn how much commission processes can vary.

While some firms have a simple process of paying the designer a fixed commission rate for each item they sell, usually the process is quite complex. For example, some firms will pay commissions on client deposits, while others don't. Some firms will require that an invoice be paid in full before paying a commission.  When design teams are involved, then another layer of complexity ensues as the commission has to be split among the team. Bonuses make matters even more daunting. For some firms, calculating commissions require several days because the process is so complex.


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