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Be proactive and protect your computer

You'll be glad you did

A recent article in the New York Times about computer hackers was so frightening it gave me the "he-be-ge-bees" and made me immediately take certain precautions to better protect my computer data.  

The article (read it here) explains how hackers can gain access to your computer, encrypt your files so you cannot open them, then require that you pay them a ransom (in Bitcoins of course) in order for them to provide you with the key to decrypt your files. And these ransoms can be in the thousands of dollars. What a nightmare that would be.

I mentioned this article to my co-worker Robert and he responded that his mother's email account had been hacked this way. We are talking scary stuff here. The good news is that


there are some pretty simple things you can do to help minimize the chance of this happening to you. The article mentions some of these steps and you can refer to a previous blog about a type of software utility called a password manager.

I am excited about starting a new year, but apparently computer viruses and hackers are increasingly going to pose a threat to those who do not proactively protect their valuable data.

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