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Making DesignSmart Your Own

Choose your colors, fonts and more

This week we were working with a client who had customized various layouts and reports in DesignSmart more than we had ever seen before. It was really impressive! When assigned to the "Administrator" security level in DesignSmart, you can modify the look and feel of every layout and report. That means you can rearrange where things are positioned, change font and colors. Most of our clients are too busy to do this so they have us make changes for them.

While we are always happy to make changes, we generally recommend that clients consider taking the time to learn 


the layout features of DesignSmart. The empowers them to be able to tweak reports, modify layouts, or even come up with new reports. 

Is it hard to learn? If you have a firm command of AutoCad or PhotoShop, then you probably wouldn't have any problem learning the layout program. 

Warning: once you learn the layout tools you might ind that it can actually be fun to customize the look and feel of every layout. It can become addicting. But in the end you'll have program that you use constantly and looks and works like you want it to.

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