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Easy way to safeguard your email

For those who use web based email programs


In January we posted an article about the importance of using a "password manager" software program to store all of your passwords. You can read the article here

In the article the growing threat of BAD people hacking your online email account and literally holding it for ransom was mentioned. This happened to one of our employee's parents. 

If someone hacked your email account and required $500 or $5,000 ransom to release it back to you, would you pay? Hopefully you won't be faced with that decision, and if you follow our recommendation below, then you won't ever have to decide. You could simply tell the BAD person, "Thank you, but no thank you. I have a copy of my email. Have a nice day!"

The recommendation? (click Continue Reading)

Set up an email program on your computer to pull down all of your emails from your web based email program. For example, I use Gmail. However, to protect myself from BAD people, and in case something freaky happens to Gmail, I run Outlook on my computer every day. Even though I don't actually use Outlook, in the background it is pulling down all the emails I've sent and received from Gmail.  You can configure it so that every email you send and receive in Outlook shows up in Gmail, and every email you send and receive in Outlook shows up in Outlook.

You don't even need Outlook. Most computers come with a free email program that includes this ability (key word here is IMAP for all you techy people out there). And configuring the computer email program to do this is relatively simple.  Even if you have to pay a tech support person to configure this for you, it is probably worth the cost for the peace of mind that you are protected.

Or purchase a license of DesignSmart and we'll do it for you!

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