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QuickBooks 2015 Released

QuickBooks Pro 2015 has recently been released. At this point the program is so complete and feature rich it is hard for them to find new features to add to it, but they always do. This year it appears that they've added some of the look and feel from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Pro.  For an in depth review of the new features, here is a good article.

From what we see based on our interactions with design firms, only small firms have switched to QuickBooks Online.  The majority of firms continue to use QuickBooks Pro with the larger firms upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise. 

A key benefit of QBOnline is the convenience of being able to access it from a browser. If access is important to you, you can do what thousands of other firms do and have one of the QBooks hosting companies host your QBooks files for you in the cloud. This means that for a small monthly fee you can access QBooks from any computer and still have the power of QBooks Pro.  

At this time our QuickBooks Connector add-on works with QuickBooks Pro for PC and QuickBooks Enterprise. It does not support QBOnline. We anticipate this will change over time as the online version matures and more design firms start using it.

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