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Announcing - SmartEmail!

Access all staff email in DesignSmart

For years principals have requested that they and their staff be able to view all email that their staff sends and receives in the Communications log in DesignSmart. We are very excited to announce that starting next month a new add-on module called SmartEmail will make this possible!

Regardless if you use Outlook, Gmail or another email service, this add-on will pull all relevant email that is sent to or received by your staff into DesignSmart. The key word here is "relevant" so here are the "out of the box" guidelines: 

  1. The email has to be from or to somone in your DesignSmart Address Book or one of your staff.
  2. Don't add your friends or family to the DesignSmart Address Book (why would you?) and emails from these persons will not be saved to the Communications log.

And to keep things simple, this module will be offered as a service. Simply enter your email setup information in the "Staff" section of DesignSmart and the emails will start appearing in DesignSmart. This means that you don't need a dedicated computer to run this module or deal with any of the complex configuration issues. 

We are excited about this new module and we hope you are too. More information will be available in October, but in the meantime, please contact us if you have any questions.

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