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Sync About It

When syncing is a good idea

Most DesignSmart clients either have us host their data on one of our regional servers, or they host their data themselves on their own server. However there are scenarios where it makes sense for some companies to utilize our optional SmartSync add-on module. Here are two examples that illustrate when syncing can be advantageous.

One of our clients is an international design firm with offices around the world. The firm wants the designers in every office to have access to the projects and spec data that are created in the other offices. The internet can be really fast, but when dealing with global distances it would simply be too slow to run DesignSmart in the conventional manner. For this reason it makes sense for each office to have their own copy of DesignSmart running in their office, then sync the data throughout the day.


Another example could be a furniture store chain client with locations in several stores. For them the driving impetus for syncing their data is the simple fact that the internet just isn't reliable enough. They need our Smart Point Of Sale system to operate even when the internet connection is down.

And sync technology continues to improve so that each office/store can be updated with the data from other offices/stores every two minutes. 

If you have an workflow where syncing might be appropriate, then please call us so we can discuss your specific needs.

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