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Web Access To DesignSmart Data!

Give your clients more access to the data they need

DesignSmart has newer and better ways for you to share your DesignSmart data with your clients via the Internet. 

How does it work? Your clients will go to YOUR website and click on a "Client Login" button. Then they will be required to enter a login name and password so they will only have access to the data they should be able to view. 

Our optional WebSmart module is a great way for residential design firms to allow their client access to DesignSmart data. Commercial design firms will have unique requirements specific to their workflows.

Last week we finished a custom web application for a commercial design firm because their clients were requiring real time project reports via the web. Previously the design firm had emailed weekly reports, but that was not longer sufficient. Their clients needed all of their staff to be able to look up current and past reports online.

The design firm also needed their clients to be able to enter comments and questions for each project report. These comments were then automatically emailed to the appropriate designer in charge of that project. (Please click Continue Reading)


What data within DesignSmart can your clients have access to? You decide. 

How will the website look? You decide, but you will probably want it to look similar to your company website. 

Would giving your clients access to DesignSmart data give you a competitive advantage in your market? If so, then please contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements.

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