DesignSmart - Project Management Software

DesignSmart is used by interior designers to enter specification items, create proposals, generate specifications, issue invoices, produce purchase orders and much more. 

It is used by firms with as few as two designers to firms with over thirty designers in international offices.

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QuickBooks Connector - 

QuickBooks Connector transfers data between The Smart Designer software products and QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise, and Enterprise's Advanced Inventory Module.


SmartPOS - Point of Sale Software

While SmartPOS can be used by any retail store, it has features developed specifically for furniture stores. For example, it provides the a process for taking "Special Orders" during a sale, creating the subsequent purchase orders and closing the sale back in the POS system when the item is delivered.

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SmartInventory - Inventory Management Software

This product integrates with both DesignSmart and SmartPOS to provide both software systems access to real item inventory levels. 


 Optional Add On Modules

A variety of optional modules are provided that works with one or all of the software systems listed above.