PresentSmart for iPad


It has never been easier to show your design concepts on an iPad. Impress your clients and close more deals with this add-on module for the Apple iPad. 

  1. Create your spec items in DesignSmart like you normally would.
  2. During the presentation you can mark which items the client approves, doesn't approve, or wants to put on hold.
  3. PresentSmart maintains a running total of the prices of all approved items so that at the end of the presentation the project total will be displayed.
  4. Simply have the client sign the iPad under your terms and the deal is closed. 
  5. PresentSmart on your iPad will update DesignSmart and generate the final proposal.

In order to be fast and easy to use during the sales presentation, PresentSmart was designed so that you load your items prior to going to the presentation site. This means you do not need to purchase an iPad with cellular capabilities, nor do you need to incur the cost of a cellular data plan.
This add-on works with iPad Minis, but some people will find the screen too small for the purpose of making a presentation.

What is the difference between PresentSmart and SellSmart?

PresentSmart for iPad

  • The designer first develops a list of specificiation items for a specific project in DesignSmart
  • These items, including images, are transferred to the iPad prior to presentation
  • The assumption is that the presentation will be at a client's home where the designer will not have wireless access
  • After the presentation the client's purchase decisions are transferred back to DesignSmart

SellSmart for iPad

  • The iPad is used in a store environment that has WiFi
  • The sales person can scan bar codes of items on the floor
  • The sales person can show products from inventory
  • The client's purchase decisions are transferred back to SmartPOS