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What is SyncSmart?

SyncSmart is an affordable syncing technology that allows a company the ability to run local copies of DesignSmart and have this data sync back to the company's main server one or more times a day. 

Do you need SyncSmart?

Most clients will not require SyncSmart.  For any businesses within the US, The Smart Designer software systems operate well over the internet and for that reason do not require syncing. However, there are two situations where SyncSmart should be considered:

  1. Firms that have international offices and need DesignSmart to be fast and responsive in all offices. In the case, the main office will operate DesignSmart Server and the local offices will run local copies of DesignSmart. One or more times a day each office will sync their data back to the main Server.
  2. Retail stores that want to ensure that  their SmartPOS system continues to function even if the store loses connectivity to the Internet. In this scenario, SmartPOS will continue to function and all sales data will sync back to the main server once Internet connectivity is restored.