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Specification Items

The core of DesignSmart is the specification items that you enter for each project. They can be furnishings, FF&E items, interior finishes or other categories of items. They are generally the items that will be listed on schedules, proposals, invoices and purchase orders. Below are just some of the features of DesignSmart's specification items. 


  • Adding graphics to an item is fast and easy. Each item can have up to nine images. Images can be set to print on a full page or part of a page of paper.

Link "Primary" to "Component" items

  • Save time and reduce errors by linking primary items to their component items. For example, you might set up a sofa to be a primary spec. The fabric that goes on the sofa would be linked to the sofa as a component item. 

Hiding Component Pricing

  • Proposals and invoices can list primary items and component items separately, or they can show the primary items with the costs of the component items included. For example, if the price of a chair alone is $500 and the fabric for the chair is $300, your proposals and invoices can show both items, or they can show the chair's price as $800.


  • You can set up user-defined "templates" to reduce the time it takes to create the item specification.

User Definable Terms

  • DesignSmart comes with dozens of industry specific terms, but you can add your own user-definable terms.

Duplicate Items

  • Did you specify an item in one project that you would like to use again in another project? Then simply click on the Duplicate button. The specification, including its component items and images, will be copied to the new project. 

Alt Bids

  • Record alternative bids from vendors for the same specification item.


  • Save cut sheets and/or other files to the specification item.

Automatic Revision Tracking

  • Once a spec item is issued, ordered or invoiced it is "locked". Changes can still be made to the item, but they are automatically recorded in the revisions log. 


  • Create an unlimited number of catalogs of the items that you might reuse on other projects.  


  • Indicate which Approvals are required for the item. Examples of Approvals are Shop Drawings, Finish Sample, CFA, and Prototype. This feature requires the optional SmartHospitality add-on module. For more information about this module, please click here

Room/Area Distribution Matrix

  • For hospitality projects, establish a room/guest room/area matrix for each project and link spec items to the spaces in the matrix. This will automatically calculate quantities of primary and component items. In addition, it creates a distribution report that becomes part of the specification. This feature requires the optional SmartHospitality add-on module. For more information about this module, please click here.