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DesignSmart Version 6 Enhancements

All of the enhancements below are in comparison to the initial release of Version 5. Later releases of Version 5.x had some of the enhancements listed below:

Web Based

  • Access your DesignSmart data from any internet connected computer. No more software to install
  • Overall faster than previous versions of DesignSmart when accessed over the internet.


  • Perhaps the most important enhancement is that all clients will receive quarterly upgrades.
  • This means your system will always contain the most up-to-date software available.

Products Library

  • The product library saves designers time by allowing them to use the same product for multiple items.
  • When a product’s details are modified, all items with that product are updated automatically.
  • Set when product prices expire and automatically send Request For Quotes (RFQs)  to vendors for current pricing.
  • Simplifies the process of developing model rooms, spaces, or hotel schemes.

DesignSmart Companion

  • The new “Companion” web extension makes it easy to bring data from the manufacturer’s website directly into DesignSmart. The Companion does not work with previous versions of DesignSmart.

Finishes Module

  • Enter materials and finishes to create schedules quickly and easily.

Gantt Chart

  • Create comprehensive Gantt charts that your clients can view online.


  • The user interface has been simplified.Options are available to include thumbnail and/or large images on proposals.
  • View a complete budget breakdown on the same page as the proposal.


  • Show primary images and component images on the same sheet.
  • Crop and rotate images within DesignSmart.

Default Ship To Addresses

  • The number of predefined “Ship To” addresses have been increased from 1 to 4.


  • Users have more control when taxes are applied to items and sub-charges.


  • The time required to create large specification PDFs has been reduced by 70% .
  • Generating specs can be done “in the background” so the user’s computer is not tied up. 
  • New options to include a preamble and/or the schedule when generating specifications. 
  • A designer can opt to receive an email when large PDF specifications have been completed. 
  • New “Condensed” specification format allows component images on the primary specification.
  • New multi-image page layouts.
  • Attachments are included in the page numbering of the spec.
  • Indicate if your firm’s logo is placed above all attachment PDFs.


  • New option for assigning items to guestrooms or areas.

Item Attachments

  • New ability to indicate if attachments are to be appended to specifications, purchase orders, both, or neither.

Item Templates

  • Templates have been enhanced to include optional pull-down responses.
  • Templates can be assigned to "Types" and "Categories" to improve the performance of The Companion.

Purchase Order

  • Add predefined notes to POs.
  • Automatically have attachment PDFs append to POs.


  • Enhanced user interface for setting access levels and security settings.