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DesignSmart's QuickBooks Connector


DesignSmart's QuickBooks Connector is an optional module for those firms that use, or would like to use, QuickBooks. It works with the PC versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. For more information about QuickBooks click here.








Enter Contact Information Once

  • All contacts entered into QuickBooks are electronically imported into DesignSmart

  • All contacts entered into DesignSmart can be transferred into QuickBooks

Purchase Orders

  • With QuickBooks Connector you will continue to develop all of your project items in DesignSmart as usual. When you are ready to issue a PO, preview it in DesignSmart to ensure accuracy, then click the "Create PO" button. The PO is created and all of the information on the PO is transferred to QuickBooks. In one quick step!



  • These operate in a similar manner to purchase orders. All item specifications are done in DesignSmart. Select the items to include in the invoice and preview it in DesignSmart to ensure accuracy. When you click on the "Create Invoice" button, all of the invoice details in DesignSmart are transferred to QuickBooks and an invoice is created.
  • Most firms will send the client the invoice that DesignSmart creates because it will look better. You can even click on the button "Include Images" so that images appear on the invoice as well. 

Client Deposits

  • When you enter a client deposit in DesignSmart, it is recorded in QuickBooks automatically. When you create invoices and apply these deposits toward the amount due, QuickBooks is automatically updated. This ensures that you always have accurate information about how much money is available for each project.

1.All DesignSmart users can generate invoices and purchase orders. A license of QuickBooks Connector is not required for users who create these transactions. Once created, these transactions are stored in a queue and "pushed into" QuickBooks by users who have a license of QuickBooks Connector and QuickBooks installed on their PCs.
2. Unfortunately, QuickBooks Connector does not work with the Mac version of QuickBooks.
3. We do not offer it for QuickBooks Online at this time because of the limitations of the online version.
4. QuickBooks Pro 2017 or newer is required to for QuickBooks Connector.