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Why QuickBooks?

Reason #1: Over 90% of all small businesses in the US use QuickBooks. By itself QuickBooks is not appropriate for design firms or furniture stores, but when used with DesignSmart or SmartPOS it offers the best value available. 

Reason #2: It can grow with your company. Smaller firms can start with QuickBooks or a QuickBooks Premier version. As needs grow, you can migrate to Intuit's Enterprise. Enterprise looks and operates like QuickBooks, but provides significantly more capabilities.

Reason #3: Millions of bookkeepers and accountants use QuickBooks making it easier to hire someone for one of these positions.

Still not convinced? Talk with your accountant about what she or he would recommend. The FAQs below provide additional information.

Used by over 90% of all small businesses in the US.

QuickBooks simply can't be beat for ease of use, reliability and value which is why over a million businesses use it.

Ask your accountant about QuickBooks.

Your accountant will have the best understanding of your accounting needs and can advise you of the advantages of using QuickBooks.

Uses terms that you understand.

QuickBooks is famous for using simple everyday terms rather than arcane accounting terms.


Get help when you need it.

Chances are very good that your bookkeeper or accountant can provide all the support you need, but if not, there are thousands of accounting professionals who are certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors who are available to support you.

Will grow with your firm.

You can start with a single license of QuickBooks then add more licenses as your firm grows.

It is afforadable.

The single user version of QuickBooks Pro is about $190. QuickBooks Enterprise is more expensive but significantly less than comparable mid-size accounting software systems.

Online banking.

Because of the market domination of QuickBooks, most banks and financial institutions have developed links that enable you to process most types of transactions directly through QuickBooks.

Never enter a credit card charge again.

With QuickBooks you can simply download your credit card charges saving you the time of entering them manually. (This feature may not be available for all financial institutions).

Have employees? Save money with QuickBooks Payroll module.

If you have employees then you'll want to check out the optional Payroll modules. Over 1 million businesses use it so it must be good - and affordable!

Free 60 day trial.

Try it out for yourself for sixty days. Simply go to to download a copy today.

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