Most of our software products can be installed by clients. We will provide technical support by phone if required.


Remote Training - For most clients with fewer than five users, we typically provide one-on-one training via the Internet using screen sharing technology such as GoToMeeting. Typically we train one or two "super" users who then are responsible for training co-workers. Persons with reasonable computer skills can learn DesignSmart in 4 - 5 hours.

On Site Training - We provide on site training upon request. 

Technical Support

When DesignSmart is purchased, technical support will be provided during normal business hours during the first year. After that time, support is available with an annual support agreement. 

Software Upgrades

Because most customers have their software customized to meet their specific requirements, there is a nominal charge to upgrade the software to include the newest features. We will review the newest features available so you can select only those features that you want added. You can also request new features.