This year DesignSmart has been updated with more than 20 new features and enhancements both big and small. Below is a partial list of the more significant enhancements:

1. We released a new revision tracking feature. When turned on, items that have been specified, ordered or invoiced are automatically “locked”. Designers cannot make changes to locked items unless they click on the “lock” icon to temporarily unlock the item. Any changes made to the item while it is unlocked are automatically recorded in the Revisions log.
2. Three new profit tracking reports have been added so you can view what you expect to make on a project, the projection of your profits during the procurement phase of a project and what the final/actual profits are.
3. You can click a “Heart” icon to mark the products you love and plan to use again, and you can click on a “Star” icon to mark the products that your firm loves and wants to use in future projects.
4. Finding and working with products has been simplified by showing images in more areas of the system.
5. All staff have more control over their “Personal Preferences” so they can indicate what the default settings should be for specific screens. Designers typically want to view images while purchasing agents typically want to see lists sorted by vendors.
6. Advanced filters have been added to make it easier to include or exclude certain types of information.
7. Clients now have the option to create their own reports.