Because we can customize DesignSmart to a client’s specific requirements, we attract a wide range of interior design firms. There are the small residential firms that deal in high-end projects, to the large national firms with dozens of staff in regional offices that specialize in commercial projects. Some focus on hotel remodels, some have dozens of salespersons, some pay their designers commissions, some have multiple warehouses, some only issue specifications and some provide procurement services. DesignSmart has features for all of these different requirements that can be customized.

Through the process of customizing our software for our clients, we learn a great deal about our client’s workflow processes. This is an interesting aspect of our work and after having worked in this field for ten years it has become abundantly clear that no two firms are alike.

Recently a client made what seemed to be an unusual request: she wanted items that had already been invoiced to appear on new proposals. At first, it seemed like she and I were speaking completely different languages because what she was requesting seemed counter to standard practice. In fact, for a number of reasons DesignSmart goes to some effort to ensure that invoiced items are not allowed to appear on proposals. Yet from her perspective, putting invoiced items on proposals had been the norm for as long as she had been in the design business and it was surprising to her to learn that no other DesignSmart clients had requested this feature. Eventually, she was able to articulate why they did what they did, and as is frequently the case, oddly enough it made sense in the context of their workflow.

Most of our clients would not be able to use a project management system that was not customized to work the way they needed it to work. If you’d like to learn more about DesignSmart, we’ll be happy to discuss your workflow processes and how DesignSmart can be modified to reflect those processes and, perhaps, by brainstorming together we can even improve on them.