If you aren’t deep into the design industry it would be easy to think that all design firms do basically the same things: create a proposal, issue a specification, maybe send out some purchase orders and wrap it all up by invoicing the client.  One, two three, clap your hands. It’s Miller time.

Perhaps nothing could highlight how mistaken that assumption is than by looking at what firms request on their customized dashboards. Over the years we’ve developed various dashboards for clients and what is so interesting is that they are always unique to the client.  Some dashboards focus on overall project statuses, others deal primarily with tasks and/or sales processes, and an executive dashboard will include a mixture of data from QuickBooks and DesignSmart that is to be displayed on a tablet computer.

The one thing they all have in common is that they condense key data in such a way that it makes running a successful company easier. If you know what you’d like on your custom dashboard, then start by drawing it out on paper and thinking through what data is really meaningful. Then get in touch with us to discuss your ideas so we can brainstorm together.

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