creative IdeaOur clients are constantly surprising us with interesting new ideas for DesignSmart that will help make their firms more efficient and profitable. While we can’t go into the specifics, the two below are indicative of the kinds of bright ideas that clients come to us with:

1. CRM / Dashboard module

A new client was initially leaning toward a well known CRM program for their sales team, when they recognized the benefits of having custom built CRM features within DesignSmart. This would make their sales and quote generating processes seamless. And sales staff would only need to learn one program. Sales management could track sales activities and sales goals in the same program. And when quotes result in sales, the sale details will be pushed to QuickBooks electronically.

They came to use with very specific requirements of what they wanted in their CRM module and after a few rounds of mockups and conference calls, we collectively came up with a dashboard layout and features that will work well for their unique workflow. And the cost was only nominally higher for the hybrid version of DesignSmart and CRM module, than the stand-alone CRM program they had been considering.

2. WooCommerce Integration

While it is unlikely you have heard of “WooCommerce”, you’ve been to websites that use it because it is the most popular “web-store” module for WordPress websites. With the new DesignSmart Products module, it is easy to set up the products you want to sell through your website and through your designers. A client recently asked us to develop a module that will integrate DesignSmart’s products with a WooCommerce web-store in real time. What this means is that as soon as a product is added or updated in DesignSmart, it is instantly added or updated on the website. And when orders are entered on the client’s website, DesignSmart will pull them down from Woo, mark them for review, then with a click of a button they are processed into QuickBooks.

Do you have an idea for a module or feature that you can envision adding to DesignSmart that will take your firm to the next level? If so, then give us a call. We enjoy hearing new, creative ideas.