People not in the interior design industry could reasonably assume that all design firms essentially provide a similar service. Namely, they pick out fabrics and furnishings for a home or building so the interior is pleasing to the owner. And at a certain level they would be correct. Where they would not be correct is thinking that at the operational level all design firms have the same work flows.

For just one simple example consider how the “Client Deposit” is might be calculated:

– Some firms have a fixed 50% or fixed 100%. Or the percent might fluctuate depending on the type of item. So a fabric might be 100%, but a sofa might be 50%. Or the client deposit might be determined by the vendor’s deposit when the order is placed.
– Is sales tax to be included in the Client Deposit?
– Is freight to be included in the Client Deposit?

There are an infinite number of variations in how a design firm runs their business. The good news is that DesignSmart has been developed so it can be customized to work the way you need it to work.

When it comes to customization in DesignSmart, there are User Customizations and Code Customizations.

Clients have complete control over the User Customizations. This includes all layouts and reports. Need to add a report or a column to an existing report? Great, clients can do this themselves. Clients have near complete control over the look and feel of the program.

When a customization requires a modification to the database structure or the software code, then for technical reasons The Smart Designer staff will need to make those changes. All clients have us do some amount of customization. Small firms usually only require 2-5 hours, while larger firms might require 100+ hours.

The key point to understand is that DesignSmart can be customized to work the way you need it to work.