We are excited to announce that as of January 1, 2019
DesignSmart Version 6 will work with QuickBooks Online
Since 2012 DesignSmart has worked with the desktop versions of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise. As recently as January of this year we concluded that for most design firms the Pro or Enterprise versions were probably a better fit (read more) for most design firms. We believe that the majority of firms that have offices in multiple states, carry inventory, have complex general ledgers, or have needs for the accounting features still lacking in QBO will opt to remain with the desktop versions.

But if your firm doesn’t have those particular needs, then QBO has some real pluses:

– Simplified User Interface – Intuit has gone to great lengths to simplify all aspects of the online version. For many users who come to it from the desktop versions, it feels like “Accounting Lite”. There are not any screens in QBO that are as intimidating or as dense with information as the desktop versions. Even the reports seem simplified.

– Automated Sales Tax – QBO’s automated sales tax feature means you no longer have to keep up with sales tax rates. Accountants will tell you that they spend more time trying to figure out sales taxes than they do income taxes, so there could be some bumps as this new technology matures, but it does seem pretty great. Will this feature become available for QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise? Good question. Stay tuned to find out.

– Web access – While you can host your QuickBooks Pro/Enterprise versions in the cloud so they are accessible from anywhere, the ease with which you can access QBO from a browser is not to be discounted.

– Phone and tablet access – And when you need to access QBO while on the go, they have phone and tablet apps that the desktop versions lack.
QuickBooks Online Advanced – A new Advanced version of QuickBooks Online has been released that offers more features. While there is no question that even QBO Advanced does not include the depth of features of the desktop versions, it is a step in that direction.
Yes, QBO and Pro/Enterprise all have their pros and cons and we encourage to speak with your accounting professional to help access how those pros and cons stack up in the context of your firm’s unique requirements.

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