One of the first questions we ask prospective clients is who in their firm is responsible for creating purchase orders. The answer usually boils down to either the designers or the back-office staff like a bookkeeper. Or in the case of larger firms, the purchasing department.

In general, we find that the more efficient firms strive to limit the amount of paperwork designers have to handle so they can maximize the time designers have for design. For this reason, in DesignSmart there is a system for designers to simply “flag” the items that are ready to order. Then the back-office staff can see all the items that need to be ordered and push the corresponding purchase orders into QuickBooks.

It is a simple process that ensures that items are not ordered until the designer is certain that the details are correct and, in the case of commercial projects, all required approvals have been satisfied.

The main benefit is that this process frees up the designer’s time for more productive work.