The vast majority of people use the same password for all the sites they visit which is similar to leaving your front door wide open, your lights on and a blinking neon sign in the front yard indicating, “Come On In!”. Sure you can get away with this for a while, but eventually, you are going to get burned. Big time.

There is a simple solution – get a password manager. There are a dozen out there and they all work basically the same way. You create a “Master Password” that gets you into the password manager program, then all of your really strong passwords (Sza9234@$!_{(@#) for all of the sites you visit are available. In fact, when you go to your bank’s website, for example, most of the password managers will automatically log in for you. Again, all you have to remember is that one master password, the password manager does the heavy lifting.

They range in price from free to $50. Google “password managers” to find out more.