WOO Commerce is a software module used to create online retail stores mostly for non-retail websites. For example, if an interior design firm has a website promoting its services, and it also sells a few products online, then chances are good it uses WOO Commerce to sell the online items. It is used on thousands, if not millions, of websites because it is versatile and affordable. You’ve probably made many purchases on sites using WOO Commerce.

Recently a DesignSmart client who has thousands of products in DesignSmart decided to offer these products for sell on their website which uses WOO Commerce. One option was for the staff to manually key into WOO all the product information that is in DesignSmart. This would take days of work and be prone to typos. And anytime a new product was added to DesignSmart, it would have to be added again in WOO. Or if a price changed it would have to be updated in both DesignSmart and WOO. You get the picture: days of manual data entry with a high probability of WOO not having the correct information.

The solution to this nightmare was for the programmers at The Smart Designer to develop the code to electronically transfer all the products in DesignSmart directly into WOO Commerce. No dual entry, no delays, and no chance of WOO not having the most up-to-date and accurate data from DesignSmart.

If your firm sells products both via your design projects and via your online store, and you’d like to be more efficient in the way you keep everything in sync, then give us a call. We’d like to talk with woo.