We are thrilled to release our new look this week with a new logo and new website.

Over a two week period we looked at over 200 different logo submissions. It was an interesting process to see all the creativity of the designs, but none of them were really working for us. After a couple of weeks of looking at various offerings, it was starting to look like we’d stay with one what had. Then when we’d about given up hope, a designer submitted the one that you see on our website. It was colorful, different, and aesthetically pleasing. The concept of a color palette seemed relatable to all the different types of design firms we work with. We hope you like it!

Whereas changing our logo was relatively fun and easy, redesigning our website was a much more difficult task. Like an interior design project, it is so important to work with a web designer that you can relate with and gets you. We worked with two web design firms, but for one reason or another the site simply wasn’t coming together. And it wasn’t for lack of effort. Finally, we found a designer that understood our goals, could actualize them and she was fun to work. Many of your clients probably fee the same about you!

We’ve done our best to check for typos, but if you see one, please let us know!