We host over 95% of our client’s DesignSmart data on commercial-grade cloud servers because most clients don’t want to deal with the expense and hassle of dealing with their own on-site server. We use the same cloud hosting company that is used by Netflix and Uber because we want to provide the most reliable and secure technology available. However, even with a fast internet connection, DesignSmart is slightly faster when the data is sitting 100 feet from your desk rather than 1,000 miles from it. For this reason, several of our clients who already have a Windows server will often opt to have DesignSmart hosted on their server.

For 2020 we are pleased to announce a new relatively affordable on-site hosting option for smaller firms that don’t already have a Windows server: an Apple Mac Mini. More than 90% of our clients use Windows PC computers, so why are we recommending an Apple Mini? Three reasons. First, the Mini works seamlessly with Windows PCs. Second, it is only 9″ x 9 ” x 1.5″ and doesn’t require a monitor, mouse or keyboard because we will control it remotely.  Third, there is not a comparable Windows server that provides the same value as a Mini. The Mini isn’t suitable for a large commercial enterprise, but it is ideal for most interior design departments.

Your local IT person will need to set it up on your network, but then we’ll take it from there. We charge a one time fee to install all of the necessary software on the Mini and a separate monthly fee to support it, run the nightly offsite backups, and update it weekly with the latest DesignSmart software so you have the latest enhancements.

Hosting your data onsite with a Mac Mini will be more expensive than having us host it in the cloud, but contact us for a quote so you can decide if it might be worth it.