PresentSmart for iPad has been updated to take advantage of the latest communication technology as well as the newest features in DesignSmart. PresentSmart allows a designer to show a client all of the items being proposed for the project so the client can indicate which items she likes and which ones she will decline. PresentSmart was developed with residential designers in mind, but it could be used by other types of design firms.

Key features:

  1. Item details and images are loaded into the iPad prior to the presentation so there is no need for a wireless connection at the time of the presentation. This eliminates the stress of having a slow connection or having to ask for the client’s network password.
  2. The client can be shown a mid-range and high-end version of the same item so she can select which one she wants.
  3. At the end of the presentation, the client can sign for the items she has selected.
  4. PresentSmart will update DesignSmart with the results of the presentation.