We are very excited to announce the January 2021 release of a new optional module for users of Sage accounting software called Sage Connector. Like our QuickBooks Connector module, the new Sage Connector will push all of the appropriate data from DesignSmart to Sage so invoices and purchase orders can be transferred to Sage with the click of a button, eliminating data entry costs, delays and errors.

If you aren’t familiar with Sage, it is an enterprise-level accounting system that has industry-specific versions but because of its complexity and depth, it is typically managed by a Chief Financial Officer as opposed to a bookkeeper. While QuickBooks dominates the accounting software market in the USA with over 90% market share, Sage is now the third most popular accounting system worldwide.

The new Sage Connector module is initially being developed to work with Sage Contractor 100, but it can be modified to work with other versions with only nominal modifications.