Years ago there was a popular movie called Jerry McGuire that unleashed a popular expression: “Show Me The Money!” The expression might not be as popular as it once was, but if your staff are paid commissions, then they are probably very much interested in seeing what they are going to take home in their next paycheck. With DesignSmart’s updated and improved Commissions module, staff can click on a button and see exactly how much they are getting paid in their next check. And if they want to see how much they got paid in the past, they can see that also. And they can see outstanding invoices so they can follow up with those clients and nudge them to get current with the firm. Its a win-win for the sales staff and the firm.

Another feature of the Commissions module is that accounting staff will not spend days each month going through all the sales and figuring out individual commissions since the module does this automatically in real-time. Administrators might have to make adjustments to commissions for various reasons, but they don’t have to go through spreadsheets and do endless calculations.

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