This post is not about project management or design. Rather, it is to share with you a wonderful park in hopes that you might consider going there yourself.

The park is called Glacier National Park and it is located in Montana. I’d heard of the park for years, but was overwhelmed by the park’s indescribable natural beauty when I visited it last month. We hiked the Gunsight Pass trail to Sperry Chalet.

Sperry is one of those special places in the world that is in such high demand that you have to take your chances with a lottery every January to determine if you can get in. Our lottery number was 856. We started trying to book when the website went live at 10:00 AM, but it was so swamped that we had to keep trying till our request for lodging finally got through at 10:30 AM. By that time 855 other people had had better luck and registered before us. With such a high number, we didn’t think we would have a chance to being assigned a night, but perhaps because we gave a wide date range that we could be there, we were assigned two nights!

Sperry is in such demand for various reasons. It is located in a beautiful setting and can only be reached by foot or horseback. They provide accommodations in a rustic, but beautiful log cabin with comfortable beds. And they provide three delicious meals a day. So you can hike in with just a day pack! There is no electricity there which makes stargazing a treat.

If you go to to learn more, be prepared to be unimpressed with the photos on the site. At least that was my initial impression, but don’t be put off. The beauty of the area and the park is amazing.