Recently I was tasked with opening dozens of old messy paint cans that had accumulated in our basement over the years and filling them paint can opener with cat litter. The litter absorbs the paint and solidifies it so the cans can be thrown out with the trash.

The first tool I grabbed to open the cans was a regular screwdriver. It took some prying and finagling, but with some effort, I managed to open the first lid. The second lid took more effort, more twisting, and more prying but it eventually yielded. Looking at the dozens of remaining cans before me, it seemed like surely there was a better way to open them.

And fortunately there was and it was called a “Paint Can Opener” (queue sound of hand hitting forehead). Most paint stores give them away because they are very simple pieces of metal with a small “J” hook. With this device you simply need to pry and because of the way it is designed, lids come off easily.

This experience reminded me of what an old farmer asked me years ago, “Son, there are only two tools in the world. What are they?” As usual, I was clueless, so he explained, “The wrong tool and the right tool.”

Our philosophy about software is that any serious design firm will be unique and they will require that their software work the way they need it to work. We customize our software for all of our clients because when you are going to use a software program day in and day out, and the program is critical to the operation of your company, having the “right tool” can make all the difference in the world.