Since we released Version 6 six months ago, the following new features have been added:

1. Adding predefined PO notes based on the category of the item being ordered
2. New ability to set the order for rooms so they appear that way on reports
3. A new more efficient way to replicate room distributions (for the SmartHospitality clients)
4. Ability for designers to set up their email signatures for outgoing emails
5. Improvements to the Finish module for replicating finishes
6. More control over how specifications are generated and what they include
7. New task entry and task tracking module
8. The ability for users to create custom reports
9. The ability to add notes to proposals
10. Hyperlinks for shipper tracking numbers

What is in the works?

1. Ability to look up sales tax rates by address
2. A more efficient way to enter vendor deposits in QuickBooks

If you would like to see these new features or discuss a feature you think your firm might need, give us a call.